Final Affection Game Update!

It's been about 3.5 years since I published the first publicly available iteration of Affection Game (the Print and Play PDF) to itch, and I have FINALLY edited it!

This is also the last edit I'm ever making to Affection Game.

Between the first time I published the game and now, I learned a lot about myself and what I want this game to be through my ongoing relationship with someone I care about deeply.

In 2017, this game was a prototype on little ripped-up pieces of paper to prompt discussion between my partner and me when we decided to start dating. I knew I'd historically been horrible at sharing my feelings and fears, and if I wanted this relationship to last long... I'd need to start speaking up more.

I care about my partner enough to not only try making a tool for me to overcome my anxiety but to also change my motivation overall from "I am afraid of conflict and will withhold my needs so I'm not annoying" to "I am willing to share my insecurities and feelings so our relationship can navigate them and thrive."

Took me about 5 years, but hey. Better late than never!

This final edit to Affection Game contains minor updates to some prompts and complete revisions to others.

The Level 3 cards are now a "Relationship Maintenance" tier. One where I try to encourage openness about needs and insecurities not only for myself but for everyone else who will play this game.

It is never easy to begin difficult discussions, but my hope is that you can take the Level 3 cards and use them to reflect on your situation and speak honestly and kindly with those you care about most. 

May your affection help you overcome your fear, so you and your companion(s) can win together with vulnerability.


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Feb 14, 2023

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