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Let's date again in the robot world!

robo-tea:2ndServing!, sequel to robo-tea:1cup!, is a dating sim about polyamorous relationships and communication. 

In this game you are Cors, a cute nonbinary bot who works to make sure the all-robot planet Verdande runs smoothly. This time, xe's helping out a special event, and is preparing to meet (and date) xir favourite musicians!

Key elements of this game:

  • Queer Robot Characters
  • Polyamorous relationships
  • Gentle Story
  • 2nd Person Narrative with 3rd Person View
  • Designed as a safe space/therapeutic game

Haven't got an idea of how a game like this would go? See the concept here!

This is the demo. Feel free to let's play it!

Release date: 06-16-2018 (devblog update)

robo-tea:Misten Minicups! is a series that is on the same time as this game, and can be played before or after the demo to get an idea of the major characters in this game.

Haven't got an idea of how a game like this would go? See the concept here!

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The characters frequently press buttons and use touchscreens and stuff even though they are robots who I'd expect to send such messages over radio. But this could be a deliberate worldbuilding choice if actual robots value their privacy more than we do.


It is a deliberate worldbuilding choice, but not specifically for privacy. (Though, I do value cybersecurity, and am pleasantly surprised that the game world follows suit!)

 When I finally get to making the mini-game for robo-tea:2ndServing!, I'll try to make the actual reason more apparent. :P


I love your work!

aaa thank you so much! *w*

I can't wait to show you the rest of the game's cute dates!