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My wife and I had a lot of fun playing this game! It's wonderfully illustrated, insightful and gave us some great, warm fuzzy moments. Thank you!

I've done a more in-depth writeup on it over on my blog:

I played this with my boyfriend of two years, and it helped us open up and communicate in a delightful way. He enjoyed the art a lot! Thank you!

Thank you so much for playing this game and sharing how it went! I'm so glad he liked the art!!


Tried this with my partner (married 6 years) and it was a real treat. Thanks for this!


Oh my goodness, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed playing together! :D


I'm happy to find a game like this :)

Thank you so much!!! :D


I played affection game with the designer a few weeks ago and I still look at the game every day. It was an amazing way to get to know someone new and it has brought new depth to conversations between my partner and me, when we make time to show care for each other in this way. A beautiful game with the most expressive robot art.

I return to this comment every so often for a boost, thank you Aven for your kind words and for enjoying the game!! ;w;

yay! Thank you so much for sharing it with me.