A few changes

Hello friends!

It's been a little over a year since robo-tea:1cup was fully released, and I have made a few changes.

1: I am now allowing full LP/streaming of the game.

I held off on letting the game be fully recorded, because I wanted people to have a chance to play the game for themselves and form their own opinion of it. But, I think it's finally time to have people have these moments shared with their friends around the world, as I'm finally able to take a step back from it.

2: I have made minor changes to the body-terms for the robo-tea bots.

My initial intended audience were mainly friends in the Transformers fan-community, and I had incorporated words that they used in fanworks. What I noticed and hadn't expected was that a lot of people outside of the original audience were playing this game mainly for the queer aspect, not the robot one. So now a lot of the body words are changed from "helm" to "head," and "optics" to "eyes."

Please let me know if there are other ways to make the sci-fi world a little more understandable!

Thank you for your support!



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May 08, 2017

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